About us

Of Science & Swords was formerly a speciality retailer of Science Fiction, Fatnasy, and Speculative Fiction literature, with over a decade of continuous operation in a retail environment in the heart of Melbourne. During that time we noticed that nerds and geeks were finally rising to their true and rightful place in society thanks to the mainstreaming of big, action comic book based movies, the prevalence of internet cultures, and generally progressive attitudes.

During that time towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century we decided we could be more than just books and started selling things to make those the fantasy (or SciFi we guess) come true! We started selling props and replicas and it wasn't long until we branched into Live Action RolePlay, or LARP.

Sourcing from brands all over the world such as Epic Armoury, Calimacil, Palnatoke, and many more, we are able to provide not just weapons and armour, but also a complete range of clothing, accessories, prosthetics, makeup and general knick knacks. We can help you be an elf, orc, knight, whatever!
Don't dream: BE IT!

Sadly, books are no longer a mainstay of ours as there is simply far too much competition from overseas retailers able to sell and deliver to customers more cheaply than we could even purchase from Aussie wholesalers. Our hands were tied. So we dropped the books and went with LARP full time. These days we can still order rare editions in if that's your thing, but there are more active ways to live out your fantasies.

Our team

Of Science & Swords is run by a team of dedicated nerds, geeks and roleplayers. With over two decades of experience in anime/manga, comics, D&D, Warcraft, LARP and BritCom, we're are the nerds you need, but perhaps not the ones you deserve.