Frequently Asked Questions

What is LARP? 

Baby don't hurt me. Baby don't hurt me, no more.

Live Action RolePlay is taking something like World of Warcraft or Dungeons & Dragons off the computer or table, and putting it in real life.

There are two types: Nordic LARPs and Battlesports. Nordic LARPs focus more on the roleplay aspects and may not include actual combat at all, and what your characters can do are determined by the game's rules. Battlesports are... well, they're Rugby for nerds, or a melee version of paintballing. With full contact fighting they can be vicious at times. The level of roleplay in a Battlesport is up to the individual player, but the skillset a person has is often what they bring to the player, and without levels. Many games combine elements of the two but lean in one direction or the other.

There are LARPs for almost every genre, time period, and fandom, from Arthurian to Zombies.

Historical re-enactment is a form of LARPing.

Do I need licenses for any of this?

License requirements for prohibited items, such as swords and firearms, changes from state to state, so we cannot provide you with a hard and fast answer. What we do instead is that if you are purchasing an item that does require a permit or license in your state, such as a LARPing crossbow, is to ask you for a copy of your certification/paperwork for possession of such an item. If you do not respond within 7 days we simply refund your purchase.

So you can get me real weapons?

While the answer is technically yes, at this point in time we are not offering any metal weaponry through the website due to difficulties in verifying permits and shipping.

How likely are these to break?

That depends on both the brand and how rough you are with the items. Some of the brands we carry are more for the look of it, while others have a core density stronger than human bones. If you are not sure what your requirements are, please contact us to discuss.

Please note that many brands of weapons require maintenance, as does all the armour.

But they're just toys! Why are they so expensive?

Not really. Many of the brands we stock have to put up with fairly realistic combat conditions. The sorts of forces exerted on the items are very similar to that on the body armour worn by American footballers / Grid Iron players. The materials to make items that stand up to that kind of punishment are very specific and rather expensive in the first place. Many of the brands we carry are also all individually handmade in Europe or Canada by workers receiving a fair wage.
Here is a video of us taking a mallet to the "toy" armour:

Can I get a discount?

We think you will find our prices are already very cost competitive, especially once you factor in the cost of shippin from overseas suppliers.

However, if you are you another retailer, organiser of a LARP, or warband/faction within your LARP then discounts are applicable. Please contact us for further information.

Individuals are also eligible for VIP discounts after spending enough with us as a reward for customer loyalty.

I can't afford all of this in one payment *crying*

We offer a laybuy service for individual items. Please contact us for terms & conditions, or to arrange one.

Do you offer free shipping?

Orders over a particular value may be eligible for free shipping. This value changes depending on the state in which you are located due to delivery charges.

Do you offer express shipping?


Why can't I track my order?

There are a few reasons for why you may not be able to track your order:

1) We sent it by Australia Post instead of our usual courier, Interparcel, because your address cannot be delivered to by a courier i.e. a P.O. Box
2) There isn't a tracking event because the Interparcel's system hasn't updated, even though the individual courier has provided us with the tracking hash
3) The parcel has gotten lost. Sadly, this happens from time to time. If that is the case we will do our best to get another item out to you as soon as we are aware of the problem, or if that is not possible, refunding your purchase.

Why does it take so long to get items back in stock?

As we mentioned, our products are not locally manufactured. Nor are they locally stocked. We are both the retailer and importer for our products. Because we are ordering in wholesale lots, we require to place particularly large orders with our suppliers and it can often take them a while to manufacture them (please remember that almost all of these products are hand made). There is also the shipping time and, as all of our shipments contain weapons and armour, waiting for Customs officers to go through our stock and make sure we're not attempting to bring in anything that is outright illegal.

Can I return things?

The following is a quick break down of our returns policy:

  • 30 day return policy for armour and clothing that is the wrong size. 
    Please note that for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns prosthetics or undergarments.
  • We offer a manufacturer's replacement for weapons with core breakages from reasonable use, but the terms depend on the manufacturer.
    Reasonable use defined as use in a LARPing activity wherein other players are not injured, the broken item has not been subjected to clearly excessive force or tampered with, and the customer has made every reasonable effort to maintain the equipment.
    • 30 days from purchase:
      • Global Gear
      • Wicked Replicas
      • Battle Legends
      • Hammerkunst
      • Mytholon
    • 6 months from purchase:
      • Epic Armoury
      • Forgotten Dreams
      • Palnatoke
    • 1 year from purchase:
      • Ateliers Nemesis
      • Calimacil

We will not provide refunds or exchanges on items that have clearly been mishandled, maltreated, or not maintained.
While make every effort to provide correct information as to suitability of equipment, please note that we may not be aware of your local group's rules and regulations for players. As such we will not provide refunds or exchanges on items that are considered unsuitable for your local game. Please exercise due dilligence when making purchases.

What's this weird white stuff or goo on the weapons or armour I just received?

Woah! Chill out! It's totally not like that!
All metal, leather, latex and silicone products require a basic degree of maintenance. Even while being kept in storage. As we often take things out of storage for display and sale at events, we make sure we keep them in pristine condition. We lubricate the metal armour with Lanox, wax all the leather with Kiwi Dave's Leather Balasalm, and spray down all the weapons with Epic Armoury Maintenance Spray after event they've been brought out for.
If there is a white residue on the leather it can be easily scraped off with a fingernail. Oily residue on weapons and other armours can be gently wiped off with some paper towel or a chamoise.