Returns & Refunds

While we make every effort to provide correct information upon enquiry as to suitability of equipment, please note that we may not be aware of your local group's rules and regulations for players. As such we will not provide refunds or exchanges on items that are considered unsuitable for your local game. Please exercise due dilligence when making purchases.

The following is a quick break down of our returns policy:

  • 30 day return policy for armour and clothing that is the wrong size. 
    Please note that for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns prosthetics or undergarments.
    • We offer a manufacturer's replacement for weapons with core breakages from reasonable use, but the terms depend on the manufacturer.
      Reasonable use defined as use in a LARPing activity wherein other players are not injured, the broken item has not been subjected to clearly excessive force or tampered with, and the customer has made every reasonable effort to maintain the equipment.
      • 30 days from purchase:
        • Global Gear
        • Wicked Replicas
        • Battle Legends
        • Hammerkunst
        • Mytholon
      • 6 months from purchase:
        • Epic Armoury
        • Forgotten Dreams
        • Palnatoke
      • 1 year from purchase:
        • Ateliers Nemesis
        • Calimacil

We will not provide refunds or exchanges on items that have clearly been mishandled, maltreated, or not maintained.

In order to process an exchange or refund please contact us using the contact form and provide the following details:

  • Reason for your refund request.
  • If your refund is due to breakage, please describe the incident in detail inclusive of what any other player interactions that may have occured at the time of breakage.
    Please provide clear photo documentation of the breakage.
  • The nine digit, alphanumeric order code. It's on the left hand side of your invoice.
    If you did not purchase through the website, we require another form of proof of purchase, such as written or EFTPOS receipts that we provide when attending events.

If we assess that it is a breakage covered by warranty conditions, or you are returning incorrect clothing, we will contact you shortly and request you send the item(s) back. We will then replace the item(s), or where a replacement is not possible send you store credit to the value of the item(s).
We recommend returning the item(s) via Australia Post, and then providing us with the tracking number that all packages now come with so as to ensure it is not lost in transit.