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You climbed the Tower, battled ogres, sent Death Knights to their final rest and even slain a dragon! You barely cheated, scraping by on merely 2HP. Ha!
It has all taken its toll on you, but caked in sweat, bleeding, and battle weary, you finally push open the final door to the Tower to find the ultimate treasure. It shines in all its glory and you reach a trembling hand toward it... only to trip on a missing stone in the floor, critically fail your saving throw, and knock your chin on the floor for -2HP.
Knocked your chin on the floored yourself to death!!
And as you fleeting wait to respawn your only thought is that you should have bought those three Health Potions from The Old Man from Scene 24...

IRL however these little Health Potions, made extra thick, are the perfect accompaniment to a day of running around on field.
They can even be decanted into our potion holders.

Please be aware that this product contains caffeine. Consume responsibly, or this may happen:

Also note that due to PP&H costs there is a minimum purchase quantity of three (3) potions


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Health Potions

Health Potions