Doppelsoldner Flamberge


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Material Injected Polyurethane
Height 156cm
Width 8cm
Depth 22cm
Weight 950g

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This two-handed LARP sword features our newest blade. Steel-colored with silver accents, its unique S shape give a menacing look while remaining perfectly safe thanks to our Calimacil foam. The steel-colored handle is wrapped with leather-like brown foam and gives the sword a firm grip for a deadly reach. The included guard can be removed for transport or to personalize even more the weapon. It is also stiff enough to deflect blows, but will bend enough to remain safe. Even though the sword has a deadly reach, it remains as safe as our other weapons and will withstand years of harsh combat situations.

Note: other tsubas and rings do not fit this sword.


Historical sword of the Landsknechts, this long sword will also please ruthless mercenaries and fighters who wish to keep their adversaries at bay. A favourite of scottish warriors, the two-handed blade will inevitably fall into the hands of a larger creature, such as a troll or giant, who will use it as a sword of his formidable size.


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Doppelsoldner Flamberge

Doppelsoldner Flamberge

Coming Soon!