General Location: Sydney, NSW - Moreau Reserve, Rooty Hill
Event Frequency: Fortnightly

Type of Game: Story-line LARP with combat

Setting: Scy'kadia is a high fantasy LARP group that has themes and influences from real world history, folklore, myths, popular fiction and legends.

Membership Fees: $35 annually
Session Fee: None

Typical Attendance per Event: 60-80

Age Retrictions: 13+, minors must have parental permission

Minimum Requirements For New Players:
All weapons must be LARP safe. If you don't have your own weapon yet, that's okay. We can loan you one at the games and point you in the right direction (straight to Of Science and Swords!) when you wish to purchase. We do appreciate an effort with costuming; please don't show up in jeans and a t-shirt. A long sleeved shirt and plain black pants with some boots make a good basic costume.

Instagram: @scykadia
Twitter: @scykadia

Special Events: Regular weekend camps

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