Privacy Policy

Type of Personal Information Stored:

  • Name (legal name and provided pseudonyms)

  • Email addresses

  • Physical addresses

  • Telephone numbers

  • Other details sent via correspondence where relevant to orders being sent to customer/recipient


Purpose of Collecting and Holding Personal Information & Situations Where It May Be Used:

  • To fulfil orders and communicate about orders that have been placed or enquiries relating to placing orders.

  • To promote directly to customers, where we believe the promotion is directly relevant to their interests.

  • To operate the website for the intended function of providing retail services.

  • To provide to couriers for the delivery of packages, where relevant.


Storage of Information:

  • Information is stored on our website servers and local computers, along with our manual filing systems on site. It is only accessible by our current employees. Every effort is made to ensure security of the information, both on our website and on site.

  • Please never use the same password on our site as you do for more highly sensitive information, such as banking websites. Whilst our site is secure and the security appropriate for the information held, it is in the users best interest to not re-use a password that is linked to anything financial.



  • We will never spam you or sell / rent any personal customer information, including contact details or purchase history.

  • Promotions may be communicated with you via the website directly, via Facebook or via e-mail.

  • Newsletters are infrequent and will always provide an option to unsubscribe if you have been subscribed in error or have a change of mind.


Checking What Information We Have Directly Relating to You:

  • If you have a login to our site, you may check your registered details directly and change your details through this login.

  • If you would like us to check the details we have on file on your behalf, including correspondence notes, please call or email us via the website. We will only provide the details to the person whose account it is so depending on the circumstances, verification may be requested.


Who We Are:

  • The websites and are owned and operated by Simulated Reality Pty Ltd, trading under the business names Of Science & Swords and Epic Armoury Australia. We are an Australian owned and operated business based in Victoria, Australia.


Who Has Access To This Information:

  • Current employees and contractors/freelancers of Simulated Reality Pty Ltd

  • Where a customer is a wholesale customer of Epic Armoury Australia, Iron Fortress ApS (also known as Epic Armoury International) will be provided information about the account and order history, where relevant for market analysis. This only applies to wholesale/reseller customers.

  • As at the time of writing, the location of these parties who have access are: Australia, Ukraine, Denmark.


Concerns Regarding Breach of Australian Privacy Principles:

  • If you believe there has been a breach in the Australian Privacy Principles by us, please contact us so we can review the situation and correct any missteps. We will go to every effort to avoid privacy breaches, but as human error can occur please contact us if you have any concerns.