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Caligo Mundi, VIC

Swordcraft Ballarat, VIC

Swordcraft Bendigo, VIC

Swordcraft Gippsland, VIC

Swordcraft Melbourne, VIC

Swordcraft Wodonga, VIC

Chimera Productions LARP Group Inc.

Exodus, VIC

Medusa RPG: Vendetta, VIC

Come and Listen: A Dance of Ribbons, VIC


No Longer Active events:

Blackpowder and Bloodlines, VIC

After the Fall, VIC



Scy’kadia, NSW

Swordcraft Albury, NSW

Swordcraft Newcastle, NSW

Battlecry: Age of Markoth, NSW

Battlecry: Fields of Ashnoor, NSW

Battlecry: Five Islands, NSW

Stormglow Battle Game, Albury NSW

Arcadia LARP: The Rogues Den

Ragnarok LARP


No Longer Active events:

The Obisidian Chronicles, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Clans of Elgardt (Training Nights), NSW

Clans of Elgardt War Events & Role Play Events, NSW



Heroes Odyssey - Realms of Solendium - Beenleigh

Heroes Odyssey - Realms of Solendium - Woolowin

Post Shock LARP, QLD

Swordcraft - Helsreik


No Longer Active events: 

Morayfield LARP Group, QLD

PAX Europa - Brisbane, QLD

The Warsong: LARP Brisbane, QLD



Swordcraft Iron Triangle, SA (Whyalla - Port Augusta - Port Pirie)

Adelaide Roleplaying Community

ARC: Caduti Di Napoli

ARC: Outbreak

ARC: Path Of The Warden

ARC: The Anomolous Principle


No Longer Active events:

Disrupted Nights




Beyond the Sunset

Concord LARP

Dogs of War

Riot in the Blood

Shattered World, WA

Faith & Steel LARP


No Longer Active events: None



Kaos Horde, NT


No Longer Active events: None



Wargrounds, Canberra ACT

 No Longer Active events: None



Southern Isles LARP, Hobart Tasmania


No Longer Active events: None





Note: this is not a complete list of all operating groups, only groups where organisers


have completed the form on behalf of the group have been listed, with information


that was accurate at the time the group was added to this directory. If a group you


participate in is not on this list, you are welcome to pass on the form to the organisers


for them to complete if you believe they would like to be listed.