Heroes Odyssey - Beenleigh

General Location: Beenleigh, QLD - Beenleigh Rugby Union Grounds
Event Frequency: Weekly

Type of Game: Story-line LARP & Combat LARP

Setting: Based in the land Vantacor, the king died and thus clans are warring to become the new king. Focus on land battles to gain the most territory. We are pre gun sort of around viking time. Fantasy medieval. Dragons are the creators of the land one Order the other Chaos.

Membership Fees: None
Session Fee: $10 for nightly, $25 for day events

Typical Attendance per Event: 80-100

Age Retrictions: 14+

Minimum Requirements For New Players:
Minimum costuming is just wear plain black clothing without logos after a 2 months period expected to get a more traditional medieval/fantasy kit eg. shirt, pants, tabbard, then armour like i.e, chainmail, bracers and greaves etc.

Website: http://www.heroesodyssey.com.au/
Email: heroesodyssey@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heroesodysseyLARP/

Special Events: Various weekend events throughout the year

Associated With: Heroes Odyssey

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  • Heroes Odyssey is Awesome

    Heroes Odyssey is amazing! It has however moved from Beenleigh, not far to Edens Landing near the train station. A new Heroes Odyssey chapter has also started up in Elimbah, which is North Brisbane/South Sunshine Coast again, right next to the train station!