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All the best Australian LARP news, views, and reviews from the Of Science & Swords team.

All the best Australian LARP news, views, and reviews from the Of Science & Swords team. read more »
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All the best Australian LARP news, views, and reviews from the Of Science & Swords team.

Come and Listen: A Dance of Ribbons

Heated Tensions between neighbouring cultures are to be suppressed for these three days every year to celebrate the Spring Equinox; but with the suspicious death of a Monarch, a foreign empire demanding resources for a far off war, and the old gods angered, peaceful festivities may be challenged.

ARC: Outbreak

Welcome to Veronica Springs, a small city in Michigan, USA, located roughly 200 miles North of Detroit. However, this once peaceful metropolis is soon to be site zero for a deadly pathogen.

Medusa LARP Presents: Vendetta

Set in the criminal underworld of 1980s Los Angeles. Four crime syndicates vie for control of the city: The Italian Mafia, the Russian mob, the corporate Yakuza, and a gang of outlaw bikers.

Faith and Steel LARP

Faith and Steel is a combat heavy fantasy LARP based in Western Australia. It runs weekend events twice a year in Boddington as well as smaller day events closer to the Perth metro area. The event focuses on the conflict between two Factions.

Battlecry - Five Islands

Five Islands centres around the plane of Alenthia. Two islands are currently locked in conflict.

Battlecry - Age of Markoth

Age of Markoth centers around a medium-fantasy medieval pre-gunpowder plain, where two factions fight for survival.

Ragnarok LARP

RAGNAROK is a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy LARP set in the perpetual end-times of the 1980s, a time infused with rock, magic, leather, bullets, wizards, and really cool motorbikes.

ARC: The Path Of The Warden

An Adelaide Roleplaying Community event

Arcadia LARP: The Rogues Den

Our world is a fantasy setting with a medieval theme. We encourage in game story creation and we ensure large combat can be had when necessary.

ARC: The Anomalous Principle

An Adelaide Roleplaying Community event

ARC: Caduti Di Napoli

An Adelaide Roleplaying Community event

Southern Isles LARP

A monthly LARP in Tasmania with a balance of roleplay and combat.
Showroom open hours over the Christmas and New Year season
Possible Delays Before / During Quest LARP Event 19/09/22 - 03/10/22

Shattered Worlds - Game 11

Swordcraft Ballarat - Heartnight

A feast night within a castle

Swordcraft Quest: Blood & Gold - The Darkness Within

Players are reminded that this is at a new location. Please pack accordingly.

Morbid Mask Has Breathed Its Last

It's Morbing time!
At least from us

Why doesn't my town have a LARP? ?

Let's get one going!

Battlecry - Age of Markoth

Braylong: Restless Moons

Dogs of War: Game 0

Expedition III

Swordcraft Kriegstor: The Veiled Quarry

A smaller Quest from Swordcraft: Ballarat to get you into the feel of things

Heroes Odyssey - The Realms of Solendium - Woolowin

A Heroes Odyssey LARP

Exodus Call of the Gods II: A Trial of Champions

At the old Mafeking site!
Tags: victoria, Exodus

ARC: Disrupted Nights

A Vampire the Masquerade LARP

ARC: Dancers in the Neon Dusk

An Adelaide Roleplaying Community event

ARC: The Battlegame


Concord LARP

An Empire LARP game

Beyond the Sunset

A MAGE The Accension game

Riot in the Blood

A Vampire the Masquerade LARP

Dogs of War

A long form combat oriented event

Holiday & New Year Trading 2021/22

When we reopen

Swordcraft Quest: Blood & Gold - The Shadows of Sudenburg

A Swordcraft Quest

Notification of Price Increases

It's global

Ringmesh Temporarirly Unavailable

It's enough to make you go postal
Tags: armour, Ringmesh
All you gotta do is get another item!

It Must Be So Awesome To Work Here

We're looking for a new team member

Gates of Helsreik

The Gathering - an MF LARP

Adrocian Chronicles Weekender

Swordcraft - Helsreik

Brisbane's Swordcraft chapter
You'll have done away with the Elf on the Shelf and finally be in a mood to be fiscally bad, Baby, so come on down and hit us up for the Boding Day Sale.

Christmas Cutoff for Couriers

Don't leave it to the last minute

Showroom to reopen... again

Welcome back

Aradani Studio Prosthetics Coming Soon

Ears for EVERY body!
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