Swordcraft Quest: Blood & Gold - The Shadows of Sudenburg

Swordcraft's next Quest event!

The four Merchant Princes hold an unlikely truce while they lick their wounds, and a new threat rises from below the ground.

A Warhammer themed LARP.

Swordcraft Ltd is proud to invite you to attend the next chapter in the Blood and Gold saga. This Quest continues with the events that occurred in September 2019; the four Merchant Princes hold an unlikely truce after a secret uprising by the Skaven. After a plague has devasted the Borderlands, a new threat rises from the shadows.

Swordcraft Quest is a Warhammer themed LARP which will be located in the town of Sudenburg, a frontier town on the Old Silk road in the Border Princes. Sudenburg is surrounded by wilderness, hostile human and non-human tribes, the ruins of ancient civilizations, and rumors of untold treasure.

The setting is both the in-game and real world year of 2021 – in-game this is during the age of three emperors. For more information see our player guides which were released in 2018 for Blood and Gold and the Merchant Princes guide released in March 2019 (updated for 2021).

Date: January 16 - January 23

Cost: $140-$180

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Location: Lardner Park, 155 Burnt Store Road, Lardner, VIC


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