Black Powder And Bloodlines

General Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Event Frequency: Annual

Type of Game: Story-line LARP

Setting:  Blackpowder & Bloodlines is a Live-Action Role-Playing experience set in a Renaissance fantasy world, centred around three major ideas: the beauty of struggle, the conflicts of colonialism, and richness of play possibilities.

Membership Fees: $0
Session Fee: $150 - discounts for concessions and NPCs may be applicable

Typical Attendance per Event: 60-80

Age Retrictions: 18+

Minimum Requirements For New Players:
Players are expected to bring their own equipment and costuming, and a level of basic role-playing experience is assumed. Blackpowder and Bloodlines is an intense event, and players should familiarise themselves with the game setting and themes beforehand.

Email[email protected]

Special Events: Blackpowder and Bloodlines occasionally runs playtests or workshops, advertised through our website & Facebook groups.


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