Calligo Mundi

General Location: Melbourne, Victoria - Inner Northern & Eastern suburbs
Event Frequency: Monthly

Type of Game: Parlour LARP

Setting: Caligo Mundi offers LARPs of varying genres; from Teen Superheroes (GenX) to Swashbuckling Pirates (7th Sea), Scheming undead of a dark Melbourne (Vampire) or intrepid explorers of an Alien planet (Colony: Antares).

Our games are usually seasonal, running for around 12 months on a monthly basis, but this format may differ, according to the Story Telling team that run them.

Membership Fees: Free
Session Fee: $5 per event for venue hire

Typical Attendance per Event: 20-40 players

Age Retrictions: 18+

Minimum Requirements For New Players: There are no costuming minimums, but costuming is strongly encouraged. Membership involves agreeing to our code of conduct, but first time roleplayers are more than welcome to join.

Email[email protected]

Special Events: We have an Annual Camp Caligo which occurs in March or April (usually adjacent to the Labour Day Weekend) and is offered at a subsidised rate to our Members. It is a three day event with scheduled games of different genres and involves cabin sleeping and is fully catered.


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