Swordcraft - Gippsland

General Location: Gippsland, Victoria - Agnes Brereton Reserve
Event Frequency: Weekly

Type of Game: Combat LARP

Setting: The Hidden Valley is a small region within Swordcraft's Althea, a pre-1600s fantasy world.

Membership Fees: Free
Session Fee: $7 - first game free

Typical Attendance per Event: 35-45

Age Retrictions: 16+, minors require parental permission

Minimum Requirements For New Players: We ask for a minimum of stage blacks (ie. no big logos and neutral colours/styles). We encourage higher levels of costuming once players have been around for a while. Armour and weapons are not necessary but will generally enhance a player's enjoyment once they become familiar with the game.

Email[email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/swordcraftgippsland/

Special Events: Quest, crafting sessions

Associated With: Swordcraft

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