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PolyHero Dice have been lovingly designed by Dann and Greg May and published by Tabletop Tycoon. 


We started our creative pursuit of imaginative dice creations in 2015, with a Kickstarter to produce the Warrior Set. 


The quest to create the Warrior Set was a big success! Next we brought our Wizard Set to life. And recently, our new Rogue Set was added to our adventuring party. Next up, Cleric and new colors / styles for the existing class sets. 

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Rogue Dice Set
Rogue Dice Set
An unlikely hero approaches with the verve, guile, and dexterous reflexes to survive in a world of shadows and danger. The Rogue Set is a classic RPG 7-piece kit including a d20 powder keg, d12 gem, d10/d100 loot bags, d8 crossbow bolt,...
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