Shattered Worlds

Some months have passed since the destruction of the Lodestone and the release of the Gods trapped within. The world of Veridian has been raked by storms as the Pantheons reshape the land.

Gone are the twisted, broken lands of the 4 continents, from their smouldering ruins a singular continent has been formed around the land of Nexus. Those who pledged fealty to the Pantheons saved, their lands and people transplanted in the newly created continent, while some were spared the destruction of their lands on the potential that lay within their people.

Now the time comes to swear fealty to the service of a Pantheon for the promise of Gold, Glory and Power. As the lands of Nexus now ripple with potential energy to harness, the Gods seek out those who may help them utilise the powers within.

Tickets are available here

Cost: $85 ($95 on the door)

Location: Boddington Park, 139 Castle Rock way, bannister, 6390

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