2018 Boxing Day Sale Terms & Conditions

  1. Only items showing as in stock are discounted. Discounts are applied as a base 10% off + the additional discount if a higher discount applies, e.g. a 20% off item will show in your cart as 10% base discount + 10% specific discount.
    i: Some discounts may not display correctly on site, or the banner stating discount may be missing, but will add up correctly in the shopping cart. Please check your shopping cart after adding items.
  2. If an item is purchased in store at the same time / almost the same time as ordered online the purchased item may accidentally be out of stock for one of the two customers. We believe this will be only the occasional sale - in this case you will still receive the discount on your backorder or the option for a refund.
  3. Our system won't apply the discount if an item has zero in stock but it will apply the discount if it is in stock even if the quantity purchased is more than the quantity in stock. In these cases we will advise you if some of your order is on backorder but you will receive the discount as automatically applied by the website. If we cannot get the item in we will offer a refund.
  4. If the website mistakenly over-discounts you due to a technical error, we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order or offer you the original intended discount.
  5. The sale only applies to standard customer accounts. If you have a VIP account and wish to order online, we can remove the VIP status for the day and you will receive the same discounts as advertised. Alternatively, you may make a separate account under a different email address.
  6. Gift certificates may be used at check out. If you have a problem using your gift certificate/voucher, please let us know and we can correct this for you or process your order manually. Website limitations for voucher codes are:
    i: Gift vouchers must be used in full on the one order, partial use of gift vouchers can only be processed manually.
    ii: Only one gift voucher can be applied to an order, to use multiple vouchers your order will need to be processed manually.

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