A new site!

So here we are, and we're happy as fresh doggos! We finally have a new site that, in theory, works.

Or at least works better than the old site. Thankfully, problems weren't that frequent, but oh boy were they big when they happened. Like that stock levels thing. We're pretty sure this new site fixes that! But it also does so much more!!

To begin with, there's this right here. The blogging feature! And then there's other cool features like being design reactive. If you're reading this on a desktop computer, you're getting a different user experience than the people looking at this on their tablet, or even their phone. We're basically going to be spending a lot more time on content now that this is here.

That's actually going to be a huge priority for us in 2018. If you've ever seen us in store, you know that we try to make the store the kind that we'd like to shop in. And we'd like to exend that philosophy to the website as well. We're going to have reviews of games, interviews, some features with our favourite cosplayer Astrokerrie, and a directory of Australian LARP even!
We want to make Of Science & Swords your one stop Australian LARP site.

We'll see you guys on the battlefield.

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  • yay

    I was so exited when I saw the new website good luck and may business be great