Adelaide Roleplaying Community (ARC)

General Location: Eastern Adelaide and Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Event Frequency: Irregular - Check Facebook for detais

Type of Game: Story-line LARP – game sessions vary between primarily parlour LARP games and primarily combat games

SettingFrontier sci-fi with a post-apocalyptic aesthetic. Realistic psychologies, psionics and soft science laws.

Membership Fees: $25
Session Fee: Day Games - $10 / $6 conc | Weekend Games - $120 / $100 conc

Typical Attendance per Event: 20-40

Age Retrictions: 18+

Minimum Requirements For New PlayersRule of cool for costuming (certain factions have more specific requirements). Latex weapons (boffers can only be used for shock weapons) and NERF guns. No minimum experience required.


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