Angorn: Land of Sin

General Location: Adelaide, South Australia - Eastern Suburbs
Event Frequency: Monthly

Type of Game: Parlour LARP

Setting: Dark fantasy setting, era is medieval through to Napoleonic

Membership Fees: $25
Session Fee: $6

Typical Attendance per Event: 20-40

Age Retrictions: 18+

Minimum Requirements For New Players
New players are encouraged to costume in the colour and style of their faction. This doesn't have to be perfect and other players and the organisation can loan new players items or help them find them on a budget. No previous LARP experience is necessary though some knowledge of political games is helpful.

Email[email protected]

Special Events: ARC-wide social events such as karaoke, pub meet ups, op shop tours, face paint workshops.

Associated With: Adelaide Roleplaying Community Inc

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