Australia's Harry Potter LARP

Welcome to your first days at Kingsford! I know that you are going to have an amazing semester here and we can't wait to welcome all of our first-year students, as well as our returning second and third years!

Always remember, that if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send a magpie.

Looking forward to seeing you!

- Headmistress Alexis Bennett

Kingsford School of Witchcraft is a rules-lite/Nordic LARP being held in Adelaide, SA where you are able to experience what life would be like in a mystical world full of potions and magic.  This is the main event for this LARP in 2019. Your character will be getting off the train and going to spend either their first, second or third year attending the magical Kingsford School of Witchcraft. In the same vein as the Dziobak LARP Studios events, the schools for magic are finally coming to the land of the platypus. Join the Adelaide Roleplay Community in what is going to be a spell binding adventure full of mysterious magics, powerful potions, and sundering spells as you grip your wand for dear life.

This price includes your accommodation and activities at the Old Woodhouse Manor in Piccadilly, food and drink (including a full banquet on the Saturday night), your school patch and welcome letter! A fully catered event for the weekend, you really don't want to be missing out on this one.

Date: November 29 - December 1

Cost: $100-$175

Click here for tickets

Location: 37 Spring Gully Rd, Piccadilly, South Australia

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