Chimera Productions LARP Group Inc.

General Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Event Frequency: Quarterly

Type of Game: Storyline LARP, Nordic LARP

Setting: High Fantasy (original setting) See the website for a detailed mythos book and photographs

Membership Fees: $0
Session Fee: $40 for one day event (includes lunch), $200 for full weekend event including food and indoor accomodation. Weapon hire available.

Typical Attendance per Event: 40-60

Age Retrictions: Minors permitted with adult supervision

Minimum Requirements For New Players: No minimum - we can lend costume and weapons for new players. No experience required - safety training and friednly game introduction offered to all players regardless of previous experience.
Costume and equipment standards are very relaxed, costume is encouraged but not enforced. Armour need only be cosmetic, not actually protective, to receive in game benefits.

Twitter: @ChimeraLARP
: @ChimeraLARP
Email[email protected]

Special Events: Conquest Easter Games Convention
Various special event styles operated at Conquest, including 3 hour freeform (i.e. no-combat) LARP session or short LARP story event.  New special event at Conquest every year.

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