Clans of Elgardt War Events & Role Play Events

General Location: St Peters, NSW - Sydney Park
Event Frequency: 1st Sunday every month

Type of Game: Combat LARP with some Role play

Setting: Clans of Elgardt is a high fantasy feudal world dominated by city states, dukedoms and other powerful factions who exist under the rule of the 'Dragon Throne'; the one absolute authority over all of Elgardt and to whom which all that wish to wield power must pay allegiance. At least, for now.
The Clans of Elgardt (CoE) role play events are held at Sydney Park, Sydney Park Rd, Saint Peters.
You can expect your character to meet other interesting characters from all over Elgardt. You will mix as individuals, discovering the secrets of the land, and the intrigue of its politics and quests for adventure. Someone creating mischief – probably you – fighting other players when they said you smell like a dragonkin whore in a headwind – and battling all manner of monsters.
These events are heavily role-played, revolving around quests, PVP and PVE, all meshed into a single experience. If you’re looking for an MMO style, yet also character-focused role-playing event, then come visit Elgardt.

Membership Fees: None
Session Fee: None

Typical Attendance per Event: 20-40

Age Retrictions: 16+

Minimum Requirements For New Players:
Stage blacks ( black shirt or tshirt, black pants, black shoes ) no minimum experience.


Associated With: Clans of Elgardt

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  • This Larp has closed

    it was fun while it lasted but there has not been a game Since 3 July 2018 which is one of the last Active post from the Admins