Desolation 3 - Verge of a New World

Desolation - Changing Tides is a over 18 Post Apocalyptic Larp set roughly 120 years after the Apocalypse, the event that caused it is call The Desolation. The world is a heavily irradiated wasteland covered in a thousand and one dangers from raiders to dangerous mutants called Blighted. People who have been changed due to a strange mineral called Purple which started appearing after the Desolation.

The game itself will be set 18 years after the previous event, after the unification of England under the New English banner after they wiped out the Red tide a savage group of raiders. The game will focus on the town of Hometown a small trading/mining town that was instrumental to the overthrowing of the Red-tide and is known as the jewel of New England. 

The town is relatively safe compared to the other settlements and even manages to keep a mixed population of Humans and Blighted. they have lived for sometime without falling to pieces in the harsh wasteland.

Though the cracks are starting to form in other settlements between the relationships of the blighted and the humans. Blighted even being forced to live away from humans, being treated like second class citizens and some towns have even had Blighted revolts.

How will Hometown fair as the world around them starts to rip apart, will they survive sitting on the verge of a new world.

Date: May 15-17

Cost: $130 for a full weekend LARP with accommodation and food, concessions and members rates available.
Tickets available here -

Location: 1400B Paris Creek Road, 5255 Strathalbyn, South Australia


Associated WithAdelaide Roleplaying Community Inc

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