Desolation - Changing Tides

Desolation - Changing Tides is a mature age only Post Apocalyptic LARP set roughly 100 years after the Apocalypse, the event that caused it is call The Desolation. The world is a heavily irradiated wasteland covered in a thousand and one dangers from raiders to dangerous mutants called Blighted. People who have been changed due to a strange mineral called Purple which started appearing after the Desolation.

The Game Itself is set in a town called Hometown which is inhabited by strange mutants morphed by the mysterious Purple called the Blighted. You will be playing one of 3 factions who will be in charge of making important decisions which will shape the world. This game is a Sequel to Desolation Hometown, it is set 3 years after the events of the last game.

Date: May 10-12

Cost: $130 for a full weekend LARP with accommodation and food, concessions and members rates available.
Ticket acquisition is done via the Facebook page -

Location: 1400B Paris Creek Road, 5255 Strathalbyn, South Australia


Associated WithAdelaide Roleplaying Community Inc

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