DISCONTINUED: Arceibo Circle

General Location: Perth, WA - Manning Community Hub
Event Frequency: Quarterly

Type of Game: Combat LARP & Parlour LARP

Setting: A multi-game setting, with entirely non-combat political games and full combat exploration night games.

Sci-fi setting based on seven worlds, each with a unique theme and a single vote in the Coronal Assemblage. A loose federation with a centralized military, with humans, cybernetic or otherwise, and artificial people known as Ersatz.

Membership Fees: Free, but registration required
Session Fee: ~$85

Typical Attendance per Event: 40-60

Age Retrictions: 16+, parental permission required for minors

Minimum Requirements For New Players: Sci-fi costuming but no weapons are required, as we use a custom laser tag system.

Website: http://www.arecibocircle.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/arecibocircle

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