General Location: Wandi, WA - Wandi Community Hall
Event Frequency: Monthly

Type of Game: Combat LARP

Setting: Warhearts is a medieval fantasy game, set in a world called Bespredel. This is represented by a hex map, which the Empires try to control and battle over. Almost any type of medieval fantasy is allowed.

Membership Fees: $20 LARP West membership
Session Fee: $10

Typical Attendance per Event: 40-60

Age Retrictions: 14+

Minimum Requirements For New Players: Minimum standards are that, at a glance, the character appears to fit into the medieval world. A tabard/gambeson and pants which look passable. All weapons must be approved by the Marshalls, or be of accepted brands.

Website: http://perthlarp.net/warhearts.html
Email[email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198362130567061/

Associated With: LARP West

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