Kaos Horde

General Location: Malak, NT
Event Frequency: Weekly

Type of Game: Battlesport & HEMA

Setting: Medieval era, bronze age, Roman and Picts.
Fantasy and sci-fi.
Training safe usage and demonstrations of all hand weaponry

Membership Fees: $50 annual
Session Fee: $5 training sessions

Typical Attendance per Event: 10-20

Age Retrictions: 16+, minors with parental attendance

Minimum Requirements For New Players: Sturdy gloves required. Preferably also a helmet, box and a boffer sword. Loaner gear available for beginners.

Website: http://www.kaoshorde.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kaoshorde/

Special Events: Quarterly crafting days, forging, camping, school incursions

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