Multiverse Cycle

General Location: Adelaide, South Australia - Eastern Suburbs
Event Frequency: Monthly

Type of Game: Adventure Room & story-line LARP

Setting: The Multiverse Cycle involves seven different settings each set on different worlds: mystical fantasy, steampunk, realistic science fiction, post-apocalyptic low-realism science fiction, Wild West, 1940s-1950s intrigue, and an arcanotechnological mix. Each session is a one-shot and some involve boffer / NERF weapons.

Membership Fees: $25
Session Fee: $10

Typical Attendance per Event: 20-40

Age Retrictions: 18+

Minimum Requirements For New Players
No experience required. A lot of effort is put into costuming and make up but people will assist where possible and it isn't essential.

Email[email protected]

Special Events: Movie nights, karaoke, pub meet ups, Zombie Walk.

Associated With: Adelaide Roleplaying Community Inc

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