Notification of Price Increases

Hey LARParinoes,

We hate having to give you guys bad news but it's necessary from time to time as we want to be as open and honest with you guys as possible.

By now you've probably seen news articles about bottlenecks in global shipping as the ripple effects of Covid are being felt throughout the various industry supply chains around the world. LARP is no different. The costs of shipping have increased about 350% for sea freight, and up to 1000% for air. This takes a bite at every part of the LARP supply chain: Getting the raw materials to processors costs more, it costs more to get refined material to manufacturers, shipping products out to distributors such as ourselves costs more, and also just the general inflationary pressure.

All of our major suppliers have finally had to pass on these costs, as Epic Armoury pointed out earlier this month. However, we are attempting to economise where possible and keep the cost increases as low as possible. We will still be internationally competitive however, costing you less than if you order it in from overseas.

We're also looking into a number of things we can do to provide better value to Australia's LARP community in 2022, and if you have suggestions we'd love to take them onboard and see if we can make it work.

But price increases aside, we're looking at getting past these last two terrible years and finally seeing all of you guys again, which is why we're absolutely psyched to be finally able to open again as of this weekend!
Please note that we are running a CovidSafe business in line with the Victorian State Government guidelines. We will be requiring all patrons to check in on the QR code or logging their details on our kiosk. As we look to the health and safety of the immunocompromised members of our community and our own staff we also will be asking to see your vaccination status in store which may be easily presented using the app or the card issued by state government.
If you are not comfortable with providing us with your vaccination status we are more than happy to serve your needs over the phone or online via Facebook Messenger or Zoom.

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