Order Deadline For Swordcraft Quest

We're placing our Epic Armoury top up order on March 1st to ensure we have sufficient stock at the next Swordcraft Quest event. You know, the one that's happening at a freaking castle

"But OSAS!" we hear you protest "I don't get paid until March 3rd. Surely this is a conspiracy against me to ensure that I and my warband are insufficiently prepared for this event!" and to that we say pish-posh.



For we now have Zippay! No longer do you need to worry about not having finances immediately at hand. Anyway, we may not have what you want in stock exactly right now, so we're placing a top up order. Provided it's in stock globally, we'll get it in for you. If we can't get it in, that's because it's not currently available. 

Please note that this order is specifically for Epic Armoury products.
You're still welcome to order whatever else and we will definitely order them for you, but the turn around time with other suppliers may see your order delayed and unable to be dispatched before Quest. Further note that we no longer do order pickups from events and haven't for several years, as it causes numerous issues.

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