Ringmesh Temporarirly Unavailable

It's with a high degree of frustration that we must announce that we are unable to procure more Ringmesh fine chainmail at this point in time.

With Ringmesh themselves falling behind on orders due to production limitations forced on them by Covid, the order we placed last Autumn has become ready to ship just in time for USPS to temporarily cease deliveries to Australia.

While the logical otion would be to simply use another delivery service, unfortunately for us Ringmesh incorporates delivery fees directly into their wholesale pricing - the margin we get from other suppliers that allows for things like shipping costs simply isn't there.

This puts us in the awkward position of having to temporarily suspend the ability to pre-order Ringmesh until such time as USPS shipping to Australia resumes. You're still encouraged to use the email notification function and we will take that as an order request for when we can finally resume purchasing from them. In the meantime, we are unfortunately limited to the stock that we currently have on hand.

If you have already placed an order with us and do not want to wait then please get in touch with us about organising alternative products or a refund.

Tags: armour, Ringmesh

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