Shattered Worlds

General Location: Wandi, WA - Wandi Community Hall
Event Frequency: Bi-Annual

Type of Game: Combat LARP

Setting: Shattered World is a multi-day Fantasy Live Action Role Playing Game set in the lands of Nexus, where 4 Pantheons vie for ascension. Players spend their days out adventuring in a large play area, and spend their nights camping nearby. When you come to a Game, you’ll join (or create) a Warband, which is a group of players bound together by birth, an ideal, or purpose. These Warbands spend the course of the Game seeking to aid a Pantheon, by collecting Nexus Crystals through various means, which we’ll explained further in the rules.
Trade devotion and Nexus Crystals to Pantheons for endowments and protection of land. Players can find special and abnormally large Shards that allow their chosen Pantheon a huge burst of power, enabling them to better solve the issues plaguing their peoples, or to enable those devoted to each Pantheon the opportunity to investigate one of many mysteries on the Nexus...

Membership Fees: $20 LARP West membership
Session Fee: $75-$95 per game

Typical Attendance per Event: 120-200

Age Retrictions: 16+

Minimum Requirements For New Players: At any game, we have a Minimum Costume Standard enforced at all times within the game area. This standard entails Period Appropriate (read: Medieval/Fantasy) Shirt/Tunic, Pants and Brown or Black Boots or similar Period Appropriate footwear. No Jeans, Logoed shirts or Modern Clothing is permitted during game hours unless reasonable effort has been made to make the clothing Period Appropriate.

Instagram: @LarpShatteredWorld
Email[email protected]

Associated With: LARP West

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