Shattered Worlds - Game 7

After the combined forces of Rebirth and Balance empowered Mor, Titan of Death, the boundaries between life and death blurred. Powerful beings lost to history claw their way back into the world, seeking to complete their unfinished tasks, or redeem their tormented souls.

The Warbands have returned to their strongholds, some hoarding the favours gifted to them of the gods, others using theirs for swift gain but all looking to consolidate their holdings and explore this recreated land.

Soon, the war drums will beat again and the leylines thrum, energising the portals to the Nexus. The Pantheons call to the heroes of Veridian, requesting their aid in the coming struggle, while offering rewards, riches and favours in return.

Algris – the Titan of Control commands the pantheon of Protection. Worsan – the God of Wisdom guides Balance. Yern – the God of Nature directs Rebirth, and Koron – the Titan of Sorrow leads Creation. They each stand, waiting for Warbands who would pledge their strength and ability to each pantheon’s cause, unburdened by previous alliances.

Will your people answer the call to fight and gain for their burgeoning strongholds?

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Cost: $75 ($95 on the door)

Location: Boddington Park, 139 Castle Rock way, bannister, 6390

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