Shattered Worlds - Game 9

Urthir, the God of Knowledge has brought forth long forgotten information, previously lost to time. The library of Ire swells with knowledge and the Pantheons, empowered by this knowledge, return to Nexus to claim the power of the Leylines. But Ire itself hangs in the balance as external forces seek to influence the direction of the neutral town at the center of Nexus. Veterans from Cebek fill the town to earn gold and fame for themselves and the Empire.


The drone of the leylines begins again, and the Pantheons call upon beacons of civilization across Veridian to send their Warbands to Nexus to join them in the coming battle.

Tickets are available here

Cost: $80 ($120 on the door)

Location: Boddington Park, 139 Castle Rock way, bannister, 6390
Associated With: Shattered Worlds

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