Southern Wilds LARP Colony

General Location: South of Adelaide, South Australia - Port Noarlunga
Event Frequency: Weekly

Type of Game:Story-line LARP

Setting:The southern wilds is a realm of its own, featuring fantasy races and settings based around a small colony on a new frontier studying a mana rift. Medium immersion, medieval fantasy game.

Membership Fees: See ARC MEmbership
Session Fee: $5

Typical Attendance per Event: 10-20

Age Retrictions: 8+, minors require parental permission

Minimum Requirements For New Players:
We ask new players to try a medieval-ish costume, sturdy shoes and a drink bottle with an option if their own larp safe weapon. Colony provides boffers for first 3 sessions otherwise.

Email[email protected]

Special Events: Annual weekender

Associated With: ARC

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