Spring Quest 2018


After the terrible Imperials overtook The Castle On The Rock and installed their false Empress after... dissolving... the Senate many of the peoples of Althea drifted away to take care of affairs in their own home lands. Six moons will and many a battle will have passed but the Althean people shall impress their will upon the Empress.

The next Swordcraft Quest event has finally been announced and tickets will be going on sale shortly.

This event is being held at Lardner Park (Google Map here), which is a great location for those who have not been to a Quest (or camping in general) before. Nice and flat terrain, reasonable ammenities, and the township of Warragul is 15 minutes away by car in case you've forgotten, run out of, or broken something. However, it's still going to be cold as all get out so make sure your tent is sealed and you have a sleeping bag that can cope with potentially 0 degree weather.

Date: September 23rd - 30th


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