Spring Quest Tickets On Sale Now

Much anticipated tickets for the next Swordcraft Quest event finally went on sale last night.

One hundred Early Bird tickets were released at a substantial discount and sold out in 12 minutes! 
Absolutely crazy that LARP in Australia, particularly for a large scale event, is now so popular but here we are and it's only going to get better. Obviously we'll be there although our offerings may be a little sparse for the first few days as Quest also happens to clash with St Ives once agai which will necessitate a split between staff and stock until mid week. Flip side? Mid week restock of a whole bunch of different goodies!

This Quest finally has some real story line being pushed into place - The events of last Quest ended with the Imperials seizing power, dissolving the senate (in some cases literally) and they are now working at bringing about rule under Order. Will the new Queen decide to become an Empress and rule with an iron fist? Who will the mercurial Avatars side with? What is that weird, bright star in the sky?

Join Australia's largest LARPing event from September 23rd at Lardner Park and be transported to another world!

Regular tickets are now on sale here


Photo Credit - M Waghorn - The Professional Hobbyist

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