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Swordcraft Albury-Wodonga

General Location: Albury, Victoria - Billson Park
Event Frequency:

Type of Game: Combat LARP

Setting: Set in the Swordcraft roleplay setting (Althea). Broadly pre-1600's with allowance for up to high fantasy.

Membership Fees: None
Session Fee: $5, first game free, weapon hire available

Typical Attendance per Event: 10-20

Age Retrictions: 16+

Minimum Requirements For New Players:
While entry-level soft kit (a baggy plain shirt and plain tracksuit pants with a belt over the top) is encouraged, there's no minimum requirement. No experience or ability requirement. We have a 20-year ex-SCA fighter who volunteers to train anyone who turns up.

Website: www.swordcraft.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swordcraftaw/


Special Events: Quest

Associated With: Swordcraft

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