The Blight of Stromstadt

Welcome one and all to Stromstadt!

The newest and greatest town this side of Sudenburg, where all your needs for trade, hospitality, and adventure will be met.
The citizens of Stromstadt extends this welcome to any and all travelers in the Border Princes, and with the promise that those who can prove their worth are sure to do well for themselves.

This year we return to a town at peace with itself, having been defended by brave adventurers from the threats of cultists and beastmen alike. As trade begins to trickle through the town once more, and the market square comes alive, whispers are heard of a blight festering in our midst. For the strong and the frail, the rich and the needy, Stromstadt extends a warm welcome -- but please, mind the rats.  

Date: April 3- 5

Cost: $60 / $30 per day

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Location:  90 Channel Inlet Rd, Murchison, Victoria


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