The Long Night

Swordcraft Ltd is proud to sponsor The Long Night, a LARP designed to be played as a shorter Swordcraft story event, brought to you by Narcissism Ltd.

It focuses heavily on enhancing both the standard of roleplay, as well as its quantity, to focus on immersing players in the Warhammer world as much as possible. In addition, it also seeks to highlight some underplayed elements of the Warhammer lore that Swordcraft doesn’t explore: that your life is cheap, everyone keeps secrets from you, and the world is terrifying and wants you dead.

The best way to describe The Long Night is a horror. It takes place in and around the ruined buildings of Arnalos, a village near Sudenburg, as an army of the Vampire Counts viciously attempts to slaughter anyone and everyone they find. However, the LARP isn't about fighting zombies and holding off a siege (though attacks can, and will, happen!) Instead, the majority of the game revolves around the mounting stress and struggle to survive in a life-or-death situation.

It's not a game about killing vampires with a silver sword and being a hero; it's a game about frantically stopping your friend from bleeding to death as the undead beat down the doors. The game itself takes place over a short period, with players constantly placed under stressful situations over a 36 hour period. It's been written and designed, however, to cater to multiple approaches. It caters to both the physically fit and the disabled; to those who prefer to sleep OOC and those who welcome a terrifying surprise in the night.

 As this is not a standard Swordcraft game, it is thoroughly recommended you read the supporting documentation here

Date: May 8th - 10th

Location: Rowallan Scout Camp, 6 Kent Road, Riddells Creek, Victoria

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