The Obsidian Chronicles

General Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450
Event Frequency: Fortnightly

Type of Game: Story-line LARP with combat

Setting: The Obsidian Chronicles LARP: El-Rah is a Medieval/Fantasy based LARP set in a realm with a technological and cultural level of advancement equivalent to 11th to 15th century Europe, our goal is to create an immersive atmosphere where players feel as though they are living in a realm filled with magic and monsters not found in the mundane world we all live in.

Membership Fees: $50 annually
Session Fee: $5-$10

Typical Attendance per Event: 10-20

Age Retrictions: 12+, minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian

Minimum Requirements For New Players:
To play The Obsidian Chronicles LARP: El-Rahplayer should have a sense of fair play, fun, a basic level of fitness and a Medieval/Fantasy styled costume. A Medieval fantasy costume does not need to be excessive or over the top. You are not expected to spend thousands of dollars on kit. A simple garb consisting of a baggy shirt free of any logos, plain baggy pants and a belt can be just as immersive as a full suit of armour, they are a great starting  point,  however  more  elaborate  costuming  is  encouraged. The  Obsidian  Chronicles  LARP:  El-Rah enforces a minimum costuming standard beyond a players second session. Jeans are not acceptable garb beyond the players second session. Black sweatpants are acceptable, provided they are free of stripes and logos. Black logo-less sneakers/running shoes are permitted. Cleats or football boots must not be worn.

Instagram: @obsidianlarp

Special Events: Irregular weekend camps

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