The Purge of Stromstadt

Welcome one and all to Stromstadt!

The newest and greatest town this side of Sudenburg, where all your needs for trade, hospitality, and adventure will be met. The Trade Master extends this welcome to any and all travelers in the Border Princes, and with the promise that those who can prove their worth are sure to do well for themselves.

The title of Trade Master is held by Ivy of the Wizards Guild, who rose to power by cleansing the town of those unworthy and chasing out the cruel lord of Havoc. Currently it is the anniversary of this triumph and by Ivy’s proclamation the title of Trade Master will be handed down to the one who is worthy of defending and leading Stromstadt against the perils it faces from man and beast alike.

Date: May 24-26

Cost: $50 for a full weekend LARP

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Location: 90 Channel inlet Road, Murchison, VIC 


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