Throwing Stones To Cease Being Thrown

Epic Armoury throwing stones have been one of our most popular prop weapons for a decade now, particularly the bloodstone which was often used as a stand in for a heart in sacrifice scenes, as they both looked fantastic and were soft enough to be used as throwing weapons.

Sadly the open celled foam used to construct them had durability issues, leading to a lot of players with two or fewer halves of a stone and no geode inside to make it worthwhile, and even some stones crumbling to pebbles on the shelf as they waited to be sold.

As of 2020 Epic Armoury stones are now being manufacutred using the same polyurethane foam as their throwing knives. While this means you have an excellent looking prop that is going to last even through incredibly poor treatment it does mean that these may no longer meet the safety requirements for every LARP as a weapon and as such we are no longer comfortable selling them specifically as "throwing" stones.
You will need to check with your local GMs if the newer stock which we will be releasing in Australia next year meets your game safety requirements.

The last of the old, soft, squishy, Brian Reenactment suitable stones in Australian stock will be going on sale to liquidate the remaining stock so that we can go into 2021 sure that there won't be any mixing of the stock and that everyone knows which product they have purchased by date.


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