Trudge 2020

Story so far:

Nordrmoot 2018:
The magic within the warding stones surrounding the town of Nordrmoot had started to wane. Skadi Raveneye the protector of the stones was gravely concerned with this turn of events. They had never done this in the time she had been charged with protecting them.
After calling upon the Fallen Shadows a rag tag bunch of mercenaries and thieves to aid in her quest for the source of the power draining the stones, she discovered it was a clan from across the sea called the Black Host, they were a dark and dangerous tribe of chaos worshippers lead by a daemonic prince known as Khorden.
Khorden had been endowed with dark gifts from all four chaos Gods, the powers were so strong they could leach the energy from the stones and the very Earth itself.
Khorden and his chaotic troops came to Nordrmoot to pull down the wards and take over the land, his powers where strong but as he was only a champion of Korne he couldn’t control them fully and needed a stronger host for them, someone connected to the Gods. Unfortunately for Skadi this was to be her, captured by the chaos clan she was forced to endure the chaotic powers pouring into her travelling through her veins and finding its way deep into her heart. Now under chaos control Skadi convinced Skavyn Bloodrage her husband and chieftain of the Flayed Wolves to join forces with Khorden and take control over the town of Nordrmoot.
Captain Weiland of Nordwache an Imperial battalion fought alongside the Taalkinder tribe of peace loving druids and the rest of the towns people to save Nordrmoot from falling under chaos control but alas their fighting was in vain, Skadi with help of the chaos Gods brought down the magical barriers and summoned a lesser chaos demon to take over the town.
During the final battle the warding stones vanished.
Skadi searched the town and surrounding areas for them but could only find one.
For many moons after the battle she was plagued with nightmares of what she had done, how could she have let her guard down and let those foul creatures take control of her. The only thing she could think of was to have a cleansing ritual followed by a spirit quest.
This quest was very forthcoming the Goddess Rhya appeared and showed her what would happen if the Wolves kept fighting for the Chaos Gods; plague, famine, disease and death would consume the realm. This is not what she was raised for, this wasn’t why she received her gifts from the Gods and Goddesses, she was to help protect not destroy.
Rhya said that if the Wolves relinquished their evil ways and helped her and her husband Taal fight the hordes of chaos, they would be cleansed of their corruption marks, allowed to start a fresh life with minimal consequences and Skadi would now be a priestess of Rhya but at a great physical cost.
The following information was taken from the diary of Karl Munst, Serjeant - Major in the Nordland state army, who was sent to aid his allies but alas didn't get there in time.
Captain Wieland left Nordrmoot with what little men he had left and found his way into Kreuzspitze fort, there he waited for any signs the imperial forces would come to his aid but the only thing that came to him was Khorden the daemon prince and his chaos horde. A mighty battle played out and rumour has it that Wieland died, but his body was never found.

Motum stad 2019: a road side hamlet 2 days south of Nordrmoot. The flayed wolves still on the search for the missing warding stones, heard that an Imperial wagon carrying many items confiscated from Nordrmoot after the battle had never made it to its destination and may be somewhere near Motum stad.
Upon arrival they found many familiar angry faces around the village, many people they fought against in Nordrmoot.
After many apologies, a lot of explaining and copious amounts of mead, the towns folk and the tribes of Taalkinder, Fallen Shadows and Foxtrot Company forgave the Wolves and agreed to help them fight The Black host and the hordes of chaos worshipers that have taken over the town.

Motum stad 2019: Telyni the Priestess of Taalkinder sacrifices one of her members Tackless for selling the tribes private information to Chaos members. As the ritual commences and Tackless's body lays there dying a strange glow begins to spread from him, the glow brightens and becomes a blinding white light, the body of Tackless has completely vanished and in its place is the body of Wieland. He is alive but slightly disfigured, one eye has been torn out of its socket.
Where he has been and what he has suffered only he knows and for now is keeping it to himself.
Khorden the daemonic prince has ascended to the realm of the Gods and has left control of the Black host to Zenith the Dragonic Lord. He and Myralyth the doom weaver being drawn to the power of Nordrmoot ceased their hostilities and patrician to become a part of the community. The leaders from the tribes attended a summit to determine the fate of the Black Host. An accord was reached and the Black Host were tentatively allowed to stay.

Nordrmoot 2019:
The town is completely over run by Chaos, many tribes of the north are squabbling over control; murder, mayhem, disease and vicious creatures have reached plague proportions. No one is safe.
Despite the chaos and upheaval the black Dog tavern still somehow continues to trade.
The allied forces of the Taalkinder, the Flayed Wolves, The Fallen Shadows, the Black host and Foxtrot company march into Nordrmoot where a horde of Chaos worshippers await, the battle commences with an almighty scream from Telyni and the Taalkinder followed by a resonating howl from the Wolves, an ear piercing crack of guns being discharged from the shadows, a maniacal laugh from the Black Host and a helllloooo from Foxtrot.
The battle finished before it began, the remaining chaos horde scattered into the forest. The town was safe for who knows how long. The cleanup of the town was what everyone had on their minds and the news of the Imperial forces closing in on the town, for rumours were heard they would be coming to take control and impose martial law.
Dusk had fallen and the town bell could be heard ringing through the town, not another attack someone asked but no it was a group of travelers (pirates) that have entered the town via the port. The weary Captain Garnet and her crew had been sailing by when for some unknown reason the ship started to take on water, weather it was the remaining chaos horde or a particular crew members fault we will never know but they landed in Nordrmoot and have now been thrust into the troubles surrounding the town.
A summit was called between the leaders of the clans to discuss what was to happen with these new people and the safety of the town. They were welcomed into the town and its mess. What to do was next on the agenda.
Skadi mentioned the missing stones and if they could be found, they could be put back into place but to make them strong enough they would need the power of three. Telyni and another would need to help, but who would they call upon to be the third, the only choice was Myralyth from the Black Host but could they trust her to help? What other choice did they have, the Black Host did after all pledged their allegiance to the town.
While Telyni, Skadi and Myralyth scrolled through the Norns notes and spells, the towns people of Nordrmoot searched for the missing warding stones, it wasn’t easy going as the stones had transmogrified themselves into everyday objects, a picture of a hamster, a necklace and a creepy wooden mask, but eventually they were found.
Skadi took the items to the apothecary to start the demogrifying spell while Telyni visited her shrine for reasons unknown and Myralyth searched the nearby forest and waterways for all the ingredients needed for the stones.
The towns bell pealed through the streets again what terrors were attacking the town now. The Imperial forces had arrived, the towns folk and all clans including the travelling pirates stood together to defend their town. The leader of the imperial army came forth and announced “we come in peace, we have been dispatched here to help quell the chaos hordes, yes we may want to stay and set up taxes, a chapel and a court system but to help is our main reason.”
Before the conversation could be finished the bell rang again, Norscan raiders, chaos worshippers and beasts of all shapes and sizers descended onto the town, the battled raged for hours, many lives were lost from all sides.
The three priestesses began the ritual. The magic starts flowing; the stones begin to glow as they fill with the power.
The battle in the town of Nordrmoot rages on, chaos hordes and Norscan raiders are not only batting the towns’ people but are also fighting amongst themselves.
The stones start quivering and slowly rise off the ground, strange creaking and groaning noises are faintly heard.
Telyni asks “is this meant to happen?” Her response from Skadi is a “No its not, are you sure we can trust Myralyth?” “Myralyth has denounced her chaotic ways and has been proving herself daily. I think I trust her” says Telyni as she does the sign of Taal. “I hope you right” is all Skadi replied. Myralyth stays quiet through the whole conversation, but a sly smile starts to spread across her face.
“Can you hurry up with the ritual” yells Weiland; “we can’t hold them back for much longer.”
The noises and bright light coming from the stones gets louder and brighter until it becomes almost unbearable. “This is wrong, it’s not meant to do this” yells Skadi. Myralyth starts laughing hysterically, “You were right Skadi you can’t trust me, why would I give up on my Gods who favour and love me for your pathetic excuse of God and Goddess.”
“She’s corrupted them; her negative magic is causing the unbalance. I thought you said we could trust her” yelled Skadi over the din.
“I was wrong, she had us all fooled, what do we do now?” replied Telyni.
Nothing could be done, the stones now full with the different forms of energy start to spin and shin so brilliant white that the priestesses have to look away.
“This is the end; we don’t even have a chance to warn anyone” cried Skadi.

Then all was plunged into darkness. The cacophony of light and sound ceased and was as if it had never been.
The three priestesses turned their eyes towards the crystals wildly spinning before them and gasped in horror as they witnessed the grounding stone cracks, Myralyth screams in agony as her mind is split asunder and her body slumps to the floor.
The grounding stones erupt into a blinding light forcing all those that witness it to be thrown to the ground.

Cost: $50 / $25 without food

Date: April 10-13

Location: Gooramadda Public Purposes Reserve - Gooramadda, Victoria

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