Epic Boxing Day Sale 2020

The absolutely Epic Of Science & Swords Boxing Day Sale is back! ?‼WITH A MINIMUM OF 10% OFF EVERYTHING IN STOCK, IN STORE AND ONLINE‼ ?20% off Epic Armoury & Calimacil weapons, bling, feastware, prosthetics, and the whole box of dice! ?30% off Clothing and other selected merchandise. ?And our EPIC bargain table that's only available in store with some items even below our own costs! Due to the maximum number of customers we've been advised that we can have in the store at any time being Ten (x10) under the curernt Covid recommendations we will also be setting up an outdoor sales area with a decent range of weapons, armour, clothing, and the aforementioned bargan table.

That's not all. We're also setting aside a designated socialisation area with a Bardcore playlist and free drinks. You'll be able to hang out in a chill LARP party atmosphere and chat about The Before Times™ with friends as you wait your turn to go inside. So come to a Boxing Day Sale that has stuff you actually want, with actual discounts on everything, and see some people you might not have seen since February.

Tags: LARP

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