Evermore - A LARP themepark

Just in time for Halloween this year, some sheer madman sunk huge amounts of money into what can only be called the most glorious thing to happen to LARP since someone started mass manufacturing quality weapons. Everemore theme park was conceived, funded, and opened. If you're wondering what Evermore is, as a LARPer, it is probably your most sincerest wish come true - a LARP theme park.

Nestled on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah, and possibly the only reason you'll ever have to visit the place, is an entirely constructed fantasy barony, and it is complete with quests for you to attend that rotate on a regular basis.

"Evermore is an Experience Park: a place to explore, wonder, and discover. We are a blend of theme park, events, thrills, and theatrics. Come visit us and immerse yourself in a world of adventure where you can live in an incredible story, and even build your own! Each season is tied to a festival with two main components, one theatrical and one where guests roam the park freely similar to more traditional theme parks. In the theatrical portion, guests experience an immersive story full of high-end tech and visual effects that plays out across our fifteen acre park full of Victorian-inspired buildings and gardens. Come witness what lies beyond our gates and create unforgettable memories for the entire family."

But rather than have us wax lyrical about how it could be the best idea for a place like Kryal Castle, here's a video from an attendee that clearly isn't a LARPer or fantasist.


Clearly there's some work left to be done on the park at this point, but it's enough to give you a general idea of how amazing the place could be, and to realise how sorely missing it is, given that we have close to ten gold rush theme parks in Australia.

More information can be found, and tickets purchased at, https://www.evermore.com/

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