Swordcraft - Quest

General Location: Regional Victoria - Location varies
Event Frequency: Bi-annual

Type of Game: Festival LARP

Setting: High immersion, medium fantasy LARP with pre-1600 tech level.
Quest is the culmination of inter-factional rivalries and combination of stories from all the various Swordcraft chapters throughout the country. As the real world location keeps changing to keep things fresh, so too does the in-game location with storylines to match, but there will always be a township built by the players.
Please pay attention to the official Swordcraft Facebook page for more storyline information on any given Quest event.

Membership Fees: Free, but registration required
Session Fee: $180, early bird and concessions available

Typical Attendance per Event: 600-1,100

Age Retrictions: None, parental presence required for minors

Minimum Requirements For New Players: Please visit website for new player information and suitable attire.

Website: http://www.swordcraft.com.au/
Email[email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swordcraftlarp/
Instagram: @swordcraftlarp

Special Events: Side quests are held throughout the event

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