Swordcraft Quest - Autumn 2019

In a move that shows some amazing improvements, Swordcraft have already announced the dates of their next Quest event!

Swordcraft: Blood & Gold eschews the traditional Quest storline of Althea and has moved firmly into the Warhammer fantasy setting.
Set in the Warhammer year of 2019 and centered in the border provines, it is a story of the hapless people in the time and place of the three Border Princes. Worship of Sigmar is at an all time high, and the forces of Chaos are being kept under the thumb. Many who are even suspected of worshipping one of the Chaos gods or showing the slightest heresy from the way of Order are put to fire and steel... if they are lucky...
There is trade, and gold to be had, but society is almost non-existent outside of the city centers. What few hamlets that exist, if they can even be called that, are heavily fortified to keep monsters and Chaos at bay.

Story details are a little bit sketchy, but you can definitely follow here, or on their FB event page here - https://www.facebook.com/events/738679083159087/

What we DO know at this point is that there is going to be a lot more focus on providing story direction from the top down, rather than simply wiating for the player base to make it happen. Partially this is because there is no properly unified Althean lore between groups, as players were free to make things up withint the constraints of their own warband structures. Partially because it allows for the organisation to direct resources into particular thematic props. This presents several new roleplay opportunities for those that are wanting a reason to explore new characters, but not start on a back foot due to 10 previously existing events of lore and resource gathering.
We're certainly looking forward to seeing how players role with the new play.

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