Winner of the King of LARP giveway

Congratulations to Lachlan McKellar of Warrnambool.

From humble beginning as a Gallowglass óglach, through a process as convoluted as a celtic knot, he has been won the round of 2nd chance draw contacts, to become the winner of our King of LARP ten year anniversary giveaway.
The once and future king!


He has won: 

  • King Armour Set, courtesy of Epic Armoury Australia, consisting of a woolen cloak, fine linen tunic, and leather armour;
  • Hybrid Noble Sword, courtesy of Epic Armoury Australia;
  • A crown;
  • A bag of golden coins to hire your guards and/or fling at peasant, depending on the type of tinpot dictator you turn out to be.


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